Participate in a Star-Studded Teachers' Conference From Home!

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            It was a dark and stormy morning on February 2, 2016, when I donned my favorite yoga pants, brewed a cup of hot tea, and settled in with my laptop to attend the opening session of the Music Ed Connect Online Conference.  I felt a little uncertain as to whether my spotty tech skills would allow me to actually chat with the nationally known presenters in real time, but the possibility had lured me to try in out. Once registered, I received an email link to join the conference when it began, and when I clicked the link and followed the directions, I was immediately connected to the moderator and originator of this online conference, Michelle Sisler. She is a nationally known technology presenter herself, and her calm demeanor was reassuring that if something went awry, help was quickly at hand. As it turned out, I never needed her help, as the presenters, videos, whiteboards, even the real-time comments from other viewers were easily viewed and heard. I was hooked!
            And oh what presenters there were! It was a veritable garden of teaching delights. Over the course of the five-day conference I filled half a notebook with notes and ideas. Between each session was a 10-minute break, which instead of standing in line in the ladies room (as would happen at a standard conference), I checked my email, fixed a sandwich, and in a couple of instances, chatted via email with the presenter to get additional information.  Sometimes I walked in place while watching, and racked up the steps on my Fitbit!  An ongoing benefit to the convenience and economy of this conference has been the fact that for this whole year, I could go online again to review each presentation along with their handouts, and even visit the exhibit hall because the conference is archived online for full access attendees
            The 2017 MusicEdConnect online conference is coming February 1-4 on your computer or mobile device.  The presenter line-up is tantalizing with the likes of Scott McBride Smith, Kevin Olson, Fred Karpoff, Shana Kirk, Mario Ajero, George Litterst, Sarah Lyngra, Sarah Ernst, Charlene Shelzi, Pamela Pike. . .to name a few.  
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